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Still Chasing Rainbows

Still Chasing Rainbows by Barry Friedman ( signed by the author)

Still Chasing Rainbows by Barry Friedman ( signed by the author)

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Barry Friedman is Pendleton Woolen Mills' vintage Indian blanket consultant and Ralph Lauren's primary source for antique Indian blankets. Mr. Friedman partnered with master photographer Frank Salle to create this remarkable book and is the ONLY seller that will ever be offering new copies on Amazon.

Twelve years in the making, Still Chasing Rainbows is the long-anticipated sequel to his landmark Chasing Rainbows, the bible of Indian trade and camp blanket collecting.

Still Chasing Rainbows showcases the finest Indian blankets produced between 1892 and 1942. It is a perfect blend of gorgeous blankets, superb historical images and original manufacturers’ catalogs. Pendleton Woolen Mills opened its archives to Barry, and glass artist Dale Chihuly permitted complete access to his collection — the largest ever assembled.

Collectors throughout the world provided their rarest blankets for inclusion in this volume and the result is even more spectacular than Chasing Rainbows (although you should still buy multiple copies of Chasing Rainbows.)

And then there’s the text. Friedman is an award-winning six time Emmy-nominated professional comedy writer and you’ll never read a more entertaining collecting book.

So, if you don’t own a coffee table, purchase a very good one to display your treasured copy of Still Chasing Rainbows. What you want is hardwood. Cherry would be really nice.

315 life-changing color photographs and 95 black-and-white illustrations.

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